You are the solution! Here’s how your deep inner work can change the future

This post has been written to demonstrate that walking the path of self-actualization and transformation is the vehicle to create collective transformation.

Along this path, individuals come to realize their energetic potential and awaken to new possibilities. Those who walk this path can inspire, spark and catalyze a human-centered approach to co-creating the future — a future that supports human flourishing.

What is a Human-centred approach to co-creating the future?

A human-centered approach is a recognition that consciousness is our greatest asset. This applies to anyone who wishes to live a healthy, prosperous and fulfilled life

— enabling them to have an optimal human experience, enhanced cognitive resources and excel in life and work.

Transformative thinking is about creating practical tools and guidance to help focus our attention on our inner world, wellbeing and emotional state (i.e. what you can change and what you have control over).

This approach to co-creating the future empowers individuals each to contribute by transforming themselves.

In the process of deliberately developing one’s energetic potential; they become liberated and free!

Free to fully experience the magic of reality and to share their gifts.

When individuals work to actualize, they become a valuable resource for the planet and us all.

The limits of human potential are truly unknowable.

Enhanced skills, energy, and insight gained from walking this path enable greater contributions to be made in service to others, communities, and the world.

In short, they flourish — as do the people in their networks, teams, organizations, families, and communities (local and global).

This solution is so simple that it has been overlooked by many; self-actualization and transformation are HOW we create a better future.

The open, complex, dynamic and networked nature of our world today means that, more so than ever, your contribution and expression of your unique potential matters. It really matters!

A transforming individual recognizes that creating meaning is more important than wealth or status alone. They see the truth that supporting transformation in others is key to collective evolution and a healthy planet.

The final stage of adult development is called the “self-transforming mind” (or simply “Enlightened” in the east).

It’s a state of continuous growth, evolution, and transformation.

This is not a new concept by any means. Eastern Wisdom traditions named transforming individuals a “Bodhisattva”: someone who aims towards attaining enlightenment (personal transformation) for the sake of all beings. They have eliminated the struggle and suffering that arises from the illusion of separation (i.e. an unhealthy identification with the mind and unhealthy relationship with a dynamic, constantly changing reality).

There is a paradox at the heart of the transformation

A focus on radical self-care and energy optimization creates inner wellbeing and an elevated state of being — bliss, joy and energized tranquillity can become your moment-to-moment experience!

In cultivating wellness, through deep inner work, we develop the capacity to create value, impact and profoundly serve others.

Here’s the paradox:

Only by deeply caring for ourselves can we most effectively support and nurture others to grow and heal — — and ultimately transform!

Radical compassion (i.e. compassion for all, starting with all parts of you!) leads to collectively being able to co-create more inspiring futures…

Transformation at the level of the individual ripples’ outwards.

Awakened individuals working together can create improved ways of living, working and connecting on this planet.

The message is clear to evolve (by taking responsibility for our evolution) or die.

Co-creating a better Future

A shift is taking place. We are beginning to awaken to what is important: developing our consciousness to create new ways of living — -beyond that which we can currently imagine and beyond where our worldviews will allow us to see!

Through transforming our inner wellbeing, we change our perspectives, shatter paradigms and open our hearts to new possibilities. The self-transforming mind becomes an agent of change and evolution; locally and globally.

Everything matters on this path. We need attitudes, approaches, and lifestyles that nurture growth and that support greater health, mindfulness and sustainability in our communities.

Every person can be a leader in this movement — in fact, the revolution here is PERSONAL LEADERSHIP and RADICAL self-care/self-regulation (it’s the future of business and healthcare too!).

Organizations must become deliberately developmental: by creating coaching cultures and environments that support personal transformation.

As such, wellbeing entrepreneurs and coaches are key leaders for the future. Coaching skills are essential for business success — nurturing personal growth is how organizations (at every size and level) can thrive.

This applies to education too — We need to re-design and innovate the way we educate ourselves and the next generation. We need an integrative, holistic approach education that seeks to develop and encourage individual expression — an education that draws out that which lies within.

Transforming individuals working together can create a mindset shift towards a “Transformational economic paradigm” (see below) — one that uses the power of this value exchanged across networks to address collective issues such as wellbeing and sustainability.

Brand, Reon & Rocchi, Simona. (2010). Rethinking value in a changing landscape. A model for strategic reflection and business transformation. Philips Design.

From a human-centered perspective, this means enhancing our overall human experience.

Transforming consciousness means improving our experience of life.

It’s meaningful contributions and innovations from teams, networks, and collaborations that can answer the question: How can we flourish together?

Community building

Healthy and thriving communities are at the heart of transformation. The most effective communities are full of awake individuals who; support one another to grow, exemplify virtuous behavior and have unleashed higher powers of mind in service to the whole. They are also going to be the wealthiest, most sustainable and prosperous (in the truest and deepest sense).

This means going back to a more indigenous way of living (i.e. in harmony with nature, within and without).

One that supports Health 4.0 (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual heath)- the path to realizing one’s potential is also the path to personal freedom — the liberation of the heart, mind, and spirit.


Let’s wake up together so that we can use the abundance of knowledge, technology, and human potential we have available more wisely… and, just maybe, we can co-create a better future together.

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